ReplyButler is an Outlook plug-in developed by ITSTH
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ReplyButler is an Outlook plug-in developed by ITSTH.
ReplyButler handles email, this means that it organizes and replies to email quicker and easier. This plug-in is especially good for people who need to reply to clients or customers in a timely manner while keeping high quality standards and saving precious time.
Once you set the plug-in, you will be presented with a configuration wizard, where you can select the preferences you want when receiving or answering emails. Once these are set, there will be a new set of options in Outlook that will allow you to gather up replies quicker.
You can also create or select email templates for predetermined answers. And this is not all. ReplyButler will change the name and any other information required in the template, so you don't have to do it manually.
The software recognizes automatically the identities of emails, if they are recurrent, so it is possible to reply to them quicker without mistakes.
Generally, It is a good tool looking from every angle.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Quick integration to Outlook.
  • Allows use of templates


  • Interface options could be customizable.
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